Ever since I commented on this Blog about the Stuff site’s usage of “Yeah, Nah” as a heading, they’ve banged it up every day.

That simply proves (yet again) how bloody stupid they are. Currently, they’re surviving on commercial real estate and travel industry advertising, advertorials, indirect government subsidies, or, in other words, money out of the pocket of taxpayers in return for endless articles backing the government and attacking the Nats and ACT.

Meanwhile their newspaper subscriptions have spectacularly collapsed to a tenth of three decades back. In fairness that’s a world-wide phenomenon with print media but few newspapers have incurred a decline so extreme as Stuff’s fleet.

One would think the sort of people who might say “Yeah, nah” are hardly likely to be newspaper readers but plainly that hasn’t occurred to the screaming halfwits they employ masquerading as sub-editors who are responsible for this insult on readers’ intelligence.


Well said Sir Rob. Infantile and vacuous news outlet.

To quote ” We live in a time where intelligent people are being silenced so that stupid people wont be offended”

Yep! I concur!

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