“Bowels: The Secret to Empty them Entierly”

The above, a Stuff site heading, reproduced twice ironically just below their bragging item of employing 400 journalists (which I don’t believe). Nevertheless, this boast would impress more if they employed less purported journalists and a few more sub-editors who know how to spell. That aside, in the same item they say these 400 claimed journalists produce more than 200 articles a day; that is one per alleged journalist every two days, thus reinforcing the image of journos as bone idle.

What fun Evelyn Waugh would make of Stuff. His 1938 brilliant comic novel ‘Scoop’ was forever afterwards known as the journalists’ bible but despite being one of the funniest books ever written I’d wager long odds that 90% of Stuff’s alleged 400 journalists under the age of 40 have never heard of it, or for that matter, could point out Mongolia on a map. In the cell-phone age ignorance is now rife.

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