A month ago, Wall Street giant J.P Morgan ordered its senior staff back to their desks five days a week. Why the senior staff only? Analysis shows over and over again that the menial staff, allegedly working from home, are in fact doing no such thing. We know that as the nature of their work involves computers and this is easily analysed.

Now Lloyds Banking Group in London is trying to get their staff back to their desks, initially for two days each week. Their union spokesman has described this as causing “shock, disappointment and anger at this unnecessary disruption to their lives”. It’s unbelievable.

Currently, Kiwis are constantly complaining of their frustration in dealing with government agencies and obtaining a response. That could be fixed in a flash by ordering the buggers back to their offices and ending the pretence that “working” from home represents working.


It’s like anything. If you keep giving something to someone, eventually they think “it’s their God given right”!

Sir Bob, what’s this “working” from home? Don’t you mean “shirking” from home?

Many times I’ve watched legions of bureaucrats and desk jockies doing bugger all at their desks all day. Donuts to dollars they did even less at home.

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