The “Stuff” newspaper chain, bought for a dollar by a woman under whose management has seen a massive collapse in readership, must be the most incompetently run organisation outside of some government departments in our history.

Ten days after I pointed out its website’s heading on an item, “Bowels: The Secret to Empty them Entierly”, it still remains up.  It continues running polls on issues with the infantile heading, “Yeah, Nah, Do you Support…” etc.

So how does Stuff survive given its dramatically collapsed readership? Simple; we are all forced to pay for it through our taxes and devious ways government agencies prop it up. In return it delivers pro-government articles and cartoons, despite its so-called cartoonists arguably being the worst in cartoon history. The upcoming National-Act coalition should promptly put an end to this.


Hear, hear! Totally useless apology for a newspaper.

Totally agree.

But, when is National putting out some policy? How do we know whether they will still have the props in place for Stuff? And, how are they going to rewind all the damage that has been done to democracy? We need to hear some solid plans from them. To empty bowels entirely, think of another term with Labour …

Their articles include semi literate expressions like “booted out” and the cartoons are just so biased and not remotely amusing

Ironic that today stuff have a teaser headline “How tech will change jobs in the next decade”
Click on it and you get “Oops, sorry! It looks like we’ve stuffed up…
Page not found -Error Code 404

Too bloody right!

Roger that

Sir Bob one recent initiative on the “Stuffed” website is their emoji at the bottom of most stories it allows the reader to have their say on how the story makes you feel. I have used this on many occasions recently (clicking don’t care mostly) to vent my frustration at how poor the site is. It’s high time we give Mickey Mouse a stuff watch.

You are correct !

They had a feature on apartment living last week. It mentioned stamp duty so it was obviously taken from an Aussie paper without alteration. Dumb and dumber

We spent more than $50,000 in advertising in The Dominion Post last financial year. We’ve now stopped. There are vastly more effective alternatives. Their true circulation is now a great mystery.

Sooner the better!

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