How to explain this appetite by some women to deny their ancestry and instead claim they’re eskimos and the like. We’re well familiar with this “look at me” oddity in New Zealand regarding claimed maori heritage but we’re not alone. Such exposures are seemingly a monthly event in America. The latest to be unmasked is a Berkley professor, Elizabeth Hoover of the pseudo academic subject of sociology.

She had claimed to be of the Mohawk tribe, which assertion apparently boosted her career, paving the way for fellowships, academic posts and having guff published. Over 300 plus students and fellow academics have now demanded her resignation.

Brought down by sceptics’ investigations which she initially dismissed as motivated by petty jealousy, but now exposed, Elizabeth has conceded she “allowed her ego to drive her response.”

Remember also Elizabeth Warren, the American senator and leading candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination, whose campaign ground to an abrupt halt when her claimed Cherokee ancestry was exposed as a fiction, thus allowing Biden a clear run.

I have my own pop psychologist explanation for this behaviour by women, lacking any meaningful aptitude to distinguish themselves. Dye your hair green or pink, wear attention-grabbing silly attire and so on. It’s more commonplace than just claiming to be a negro or whatever by otherwise non-descript so-called academics and can be witnessed everyday on city streets.


All these nutters can be exposed at the first interview by insisting that they do an Ancestry DNA test. That’ll show exactly where they came from and what they’re made of. If, of course, they refuse the test … well, that’s one candidate down and a pile of money that can be used for the genuine cases.

And then there’s the tattoos.

They’re all mad. Some just hide it better.

It’s called “race-shifting”, where people respond rationally to incentives like quota entry for “Maori” to Medical School. If you’re a A Plus student of Asian or European ancestry, you go to the back of the queue.

Rachel Dolezal will always be the classic.

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