Back now in New Zealand and reading the despair-making budget details, I was staggered to see the government has allocated $34million of our taxes, to promoting bloody hakas. This was described as an “investment”.

The report quoted a Carl Ross, appointed as the CEO of the outfit being established to administer this exercise, asserting this taxpayer theft would “unite communities”, this nonsensical claim apparently being the “return” on our $34million “investment”.

Maybe I spend too much time abroad and don’t get out and about enough but certainly everyone I know, including all my maori friends, is hugely embarrassed by the spectacle of semi-naked, frequently obese males, lining up to bellow and prance about waving spears and poke their tongues out at people.

On that freedom, with spending other peoples money note I wonder how the Christchurch woman I wrote about some time ago, who was given almost a million dollars of our money to research whether spiders can count, is progressing. We’re all on tenterhooks waiting to find out.

This has to be the most fiscally irresponsible government in our history.


Agree with your fiscally irresponsible government comment and further supported by another mind blowing dumb decision by a Government agency over the last week. Tenants owe a Landlord $62,000 in rental arrears. The Tenancy Tribunal ruled that the Tenants could stay in the house and had 40 years to pay the money back.

Couldn’t agree more. Great spending other people’s money. Lots of fun!

    Ĥelp us Bob!!. Could you please buy Stuff ( you should get it for $1:50 weild the big stick, then get some like minded ” journalists ” employed” to report these idiotic decisions!

We are going down a slippery slope.This govt has been dishing out money like minties to separatist groups and its got to stop.We are one nation & if those that dont want to avail themselves of generally equal opportunities blame themselves.This govt has sadly gone soft on crime to our detriment—there is little accountability or consequences and unless there is a change it will worsen.Im deeply saddened and its time for a different approach.

“New Zealanders” – what a disgrace. A nation of weak, cowardly, craven souls who’ll go along with whatever’s dished-up by their Government, rather than (horrors..) ‘make a fuss’.
You are so correct. The haka is a national embarrassment – but never more so than when performed at a funeral by halfwits with sunglasses planted on their hollow heads.
Unite communities ?? Please….my bladder can’t take much more of this.

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