Once again famine reports are coming from North Korea, outside the pampered capital. One explanation for this is that the grotesquely obese dictator Kim Jong- un has eaten all the food. Notwithstanding the unhealthy fat content imagine if he was chopped up and served as Kim fried rice. It would be a memorable banquet for tens of thousands and represent the only act of public service in this massive lump of lard’s life.

Meanwhile as his peasantry starve he wastes billions of dollars on showy armaments. These dollars are largely stolen via armies of computer geeks targeting mostly crypto funds, is irrelevant to the fact of their wasteful expenditure.

A recent UNO report revealed large numbers of North Korean women who escape across a northern river into China, are being sold into slavery.

North Korea is a true horror story unprecedented since Cambodia four decades back.

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For more on the horror story of North Korea, go to BBC where the full extent of the famine is detailed

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