It reminds me of the story of the arab sheik who needed a heart operation and was told that he had a very unusual blood type and the only known individual with the same blood type was a Jock McTavish in Aberdeen, Scotland. A blood transfusion would be essential for the operation. Jock agreed to donate some blood and the day before the operation the sheik sent Jock a Rolls Royce vehicle and a rolex watch. A couple of years later the sheik needed a second heart operation and Jock kindly donated some more blood. The day before the second operation Jock received from the sheik a thank you card with a ten pound Marks and Spencer voucher. Jock was a bit miffed and sent the sheik an e-mail enquiring why the first time he received a rolls royce and a rolex and this time he only got a card and a voucher. The sheik replied “I’ve got scottish blood in me now”.

Tremain is a National treasure

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