It’s no secret the Anglican church is on its deathbed everywhere, both memberships and church attendance in free fall and churches being closed and sold. So too with the Church of Scotland now on the verge of collapse. Half a century back with a population then a third of today’s the church had 1.4 million members. Today it’s down to 270,000, mostly elderly, of whom a mere 60,000 still attend services.

The vast majority of its ministers are ageing and according to the Church’s General Assembly latest annual report are “facing a monumental crisis” with morale and mental health issues and widespread disillusionment.

This is the same story worldwide with developed educated nations. Even the USA is seeing an erosion in religious belief, now for the first time below 50%. Irish Catholicism is dead in the water thanks to education, prosperity and the seeming endless accounts of sexual abuse by its clergy.

Marx was right in describing religion as the opium of the masses. Religion continues to thrive in poor nations with low education standards and in some oil-rich Islamic countries through compulsion.

Along with warfare it remains the great weakness of humanity. If the former doesn’t destroy us all first, another century should see its demise.


Why don’t we just call it Spirituality then we can get a grant from the government to force it on to everybody, c’os its science !

Traditional churches attendance is being replaced by the likes of private churches, frequented by those who prey for a better life with a modern spin (pun intended)…Evolve or you die ..

There still remains strong business links within church, and while some churches haven’t helped themselves, their demise is partly due to seven day working week and family separation; both of which are a cancer on society; who’s focus has been towards individualism; at the expense of wider community.

Those who control the system think that money can solve all problems..if only they stuck to the ten commandments.

Fear and guilt are the tools that religion and military organizations use to manipulate the minds of people. These human attributes are dark and sinister and do not belong in the same sentence as the beautiful force that gives us nautilus shells and roses.

But the intellectual arrogance of atheism is equally dumb if we are to believe their case that our complex bodies containing 3 trillion cells simply evolved by accident after a big bang.

Science and in particular the growing knowledge we are gaining in the field of quantum physics is showing that existence is far more eloquent than anything we previously imagined.

Our local vicar is doing his bit for the Church. He and his wife have three preschool children and another on the way.

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