Recently, AT YOUR EXPENSE, a delegation of maori wideboys flew to London to conduct pretentious ceremonies and sing songs at the British museum. Why?

So as to formally receive, on loan, a triangular two centuries old maori canoe flax sail and “ESCORT IT HOME”, where it will go on display at the Christchurch art gallery. A Ngai Tahu spokeswoman with that fine old maori name of Chloe Cull, will sing another song on its arrival to “celebrate its homecoming”.

A gallery notice describes this as “an opportunity for all New Zealanders to grow their understanding of this important part of our nation’s cultural heritage.”

This is world-class cock. I very much doubt Air NZ will be putting on extra flights to Christchurch or there will be need to call out the riot control police to hold back the milling throngs.

That said, this is no laughing matter. It’s a constant racket costing us millions to date for a delegation of maoris to travel to various European museums to sing and look solemn while recovering shrunken maori heads.

What is never mentioned is the early 19th century maori cottage industry of tattooing captives, then killing them and shrinking their heads to flog to the museums as examples of primitive races barbarism.


The only thing I am certain of, is that the item is “on loan” so the same wideboys can escort it back to London when the rugby world cup is on.

    FYI “SAIL” Display ends 23 October 2023. Finals Week of Rugby World Cup 23rd–>28th October. Coincidence? You decide…

The same maori dance group who were flown to Beijing recently welcoming hipkins to the (our) NZ embassy there? If so, what a great on-going gig. For them.

I didn’t’ signed up for my taxes to be wasted like this. Can I choose what my taxes are used for? I mean like on a list rather than on representatives that clearly are out of touch with my needs? (the taxpayer need).

When is everyone going to wake up to this total shite??

    When ?
    Answer : we have political polls showing our IQ level has reached at an internationally low level.

So true Sir Bob, so tyue.

Try reading “The Musket Wars” by R D Crosby. To discover a true Maori history, not the manufactured version of today.

    I own the Musket Wars which is a hard read with quite gruesome content. Understand Ron Crosby has since written a more readable version

You must remember in October

I live in Christchurch and will definitely not be going to view “The Sail”.
Maori poppycock is becoming boring, but our govt. still allows it to continue – at a major cost to the tax payer, not Maori. Looks like the reason the Maori unemployment is dropping is as a result of Maori more hosting/entertainment gigs. Looks like hosting/entertainment by Maori is becoming a major opportunity for them.
I wonder when there will be tailored polytech/university degrees for Maori in hosting/entertainment.
This wrought along with many others, Maori feel they are entitled to.
Keep up the good work Bob!!!

Russell William Watkins July 18, 2023 at 12:26 pm

Every vote made is a vote for more of it; regardless of which party.

Might I suggest the better use of taxpayer funds would be to recruit more overseas teachers and nurses….Dear I say it, the government could have purchased another house with what this bs cost..

Why are the news media not called this for what it is; a junkit.

What we need is Winston Peters to tell it like it is; even in opposition, and history has shown he’s not afraid to do it..I hear over 700 attended his meeting in Tauranga, so there is hope yet.

Unlike Seymour, they couldnt call Winston a racist on these matters…

    You do realize that Seymour is also maori and also NgaPuhi? That is why sly willy (Jackson) refers to Seymour as a “useless maori”.

Nothing will change unless opposition MP’s can find some courage and speak the same language as Bob.
Imagine what costs/handouts are not reported. The rorts continue unabated!

I agree with all of you. I like Common Senser’s approach. Tax by subscription to see our money spent where it is most needed. Hardly any MP’s do what their electorate wants.

Where can we enrol for the honours degree in woven flax sail making?

See ya – off to Oz, because they are not stupid enough to indulge their real First Peoples with this fantasy stuff.
The people who approve this ridiculous funding are always anonymous, nor how the money is spent made public.
Anybody else want a free First Class flight to the UK to collect some heritage items ?

Sadly, regardless of left or right, this is the way it’s going to be until some government grows a pair.
Just another branch of the gravy train.

When are New Zealanders going to put a drop to this crap. Good on you Bob

I hope we’ve reached “peak Maori”…but I somehow think we haven’t.

This is telling us that the only way we can stop this gravy train is to change this government on 14 October!

If you mention something that is never mentioned, then it has been mentioned.

If a topic is rarely mentioned, it is either of little importance or has been subjected to censorship.

I would just like to follow up on my previous post , in which I stated that if you mention something that is never mentioned, then it has been mentioned.
I was being pedantic and words and phrases can be misinterpreted. I clearly understand the intent of what you were saying and agree with your sentiment.

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