I was touched and appreciative of the flood of kind comments when I mentioned I would soon end this Blog (after the election).

There’s a number of reasons I won’t go into but it’s increasingly a problem given I spend most of my time abroad, albeit I do keep up to date reading the New Zealand news online. That aside, there are other things I prefer to do.

The Blog was largely a consequence of lock-down. Its aftermath and particularly the mindblowing nonsensical Jacindamania phenomenon made me embarrassed to be a New Zealander so I joined the exodus, at least part of my time to avoid the nation’s pervading gloom, a consequence of the worst government ever inflicted on our country. History will not treat it kindly, not only for its staggering incompetence, but mostly its divisive race policies which will take a long time to correct.


Please keep going!

I’m sad and gloomy now. You were the only bright spot in my day. Boohoo.

Thks Sir Bob, your articles have been a tonic over the past 3 long difficult years. You are a great Kiwi more than worthy of your title. Regards Conal

I hope Glasgow is treating you well.

Unless we have the emergence of a moderate Maori voice able to command respect I cannot see the race issue being put to bed any time soon.

Currently the only Maori voices we hear are the ones promoting hatred and in all honestly, utter lies about our past and the significance of a treaty that should have long ago been consigned to a cabinet in a museum.

Do think its possible that the race and other divisions will ever be corrected?

Well Bob, it’s only worth writing if you feel you have something to write. I suspect that after a period of reflection you will have plenty you want to express and that there’s going to be more here.
I hope so.

If it’s all the same to you, I’d very much prefer you continue.

If one of the things you would prefer to do is print some words on a rare 19th century iron hand press, then you are welcome to visit me in my Phoenix AZ.
Maybe not now because it’s so hot the recycling bins are melting but we will be having an interesting election November next year.
We could print a few lines or better still a few circles about property, poetry and politics.

Thank you, Sir Bob. Wishing you well.

Your blog has been a great gift, Sir. I appreciate why you are ending it, and thank you for having carried it on for so long
Go in peace, with my blessing and best wishes. Should you feel the urge to write an occasional random post at any time, you’ll find a willing audience.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Bob’s blog over the past 6 years , I cannot imagine that a National and Act government will give us as much grief as the current Labour mob have . Goodness only knows how Hosking is going to fill in 3 hours every morning on News Talk ZB when the nation is busily doing the boring stuff : building roads , educating the children , healing the sick , and locking up the ram raiders . All the things we’ve neglected for the past 6 years . Thanks Sir Bob .

Many years ago when I was young & broke, I was struggling to make the rent. I bought a second hand signed copy of “NZ The Way I Want It”. I put it on a start up website called Trademe for $25 (I think) & some goose commented he had “found similar for $2 and did it come with dinner with SRJ?” I replied if he had read it, he wouldn’t be boasting about spending $2. This seemed to excite bidders and I ended up with enough money to pay the landlord-since then I have always felt mildly indebted to SRJ.
That aside, I really enjoy the blog and will be sorry to see it stop.
All the best.

In these days of artificial intelligence and robotics, surely there must be a method of downloading the contents of you brilliant mind and wonderful memory, into some machine that can read the papers and use its (your) mind to put the correct spin on the garbage we get from the press. Your punchy comments and laughs will be sorely missed Sir Bob. The offer of help is still valid …

Bob – you have so many pearls of wisdom it would be a great pity for them not to continue to come for the edification of future generations. Despite sometimes being provocative you are always entertaining, thought provoking and enlightening. Don’t go!!!. Or, if you go, don’t stop posting!! Cheers

Thank you for this blog, and for every post until you decide to stop it. I do hope you keep the archive up. They are a treasure.

An unfortunate turn of events for the readers. Always a pleasure to read your inciteful comments.

Sir Bob, your blog posts are a constant source of delight, amusement and most importantly valuable wisdom and insight. It will be a very sad day indeed when you’re no longer putting pen to paper.

As an early 30’s millenial I find your commentary more relevant than all the so called pundits and commentators out there. Consider what you do a service to the community!

I always look forward to your column, Thank you, for being thought provoking, and humorous.
Often at the same time. Best Regards .

Agree with others who have posted that this column is a real tonic and always a pleasure to read. Hope you find the mojo Bob to keep it running, Lord knows we have precious few antidotes to the limp, wet nonsense that passes for journalism here.

A shame all good things have to end. Well done Bob, hope that you get some rest and recreation after October.

The Silent Majority August 2, 2023 at 12:02 pm

Please don’t stop. I need more articles to read from people whose values I share and god knows they are few and far between these days.


Will be sorry to see the end of your blog Sir Bob. One of the few things I get to look forward to in the NZ media today. Thanks anyway

Understandable Bob, but sad to see you sign off. We need those that can stand and look down with an eye that can cut through to the core of the matter with intelligence and wit.
The country is in a bad place with politicians that are largely incompetent no matter which of the major parties. And those that are cripples leaning upon the crutch of ideology.
That is not the answer for us, it is intelligence and wise pragmatism. So sorely missing.
At the moment I can see no one party that is worthy of my vote, and this is echoed in those around me. A country that should be a joy and relatively benign to administer is just being sunk by incompetence and the pursuit of relative trivia.

Wish you could stay on but you have to do what you have to do. Your voice is one of the few left of common sense and intelligence.

Thanks for your decades long efforts to impart your wisdom, knowledge and skill in cutting through the avalanche of BS our media and politicians foist upon us…I have read all of your books and everyone taught me something and have me food for thought…you are simply a NATIONAL TREASURE and may you long prosper further and keep on driving the lefties crazy…more power to you Bob.

Thank you Sir Bob for the insightful analysis over the last few years. I would always forward them to my friends for comment and discussion. You will be sadly missed. Of course you could always put out a blog every now and then if an issues arises!!! Safe travels. R

Please keep your blog going.
I am 58 years old and I am tired and weary now as to what has happened to NewZealand over the past 6 years.
Unfortunately the best years of living in NewZealand are well and truly behind us now.
I am finding myself spending more time out of the country and I am writing this from Thailand.

Thanks Sir Bob and I can only echo and reiterate what the other writers have said. This country is heading south with the racism and wokeness in all aspects of our lives inflicted onto us by central and local government including of course, Waka Kotahe. Your input in this blog are really, the bright spot in my day!

My big worry is the unbalanced narrative everywhere but very especially in NZ, your filter on the processes of the world was a very welcome,an extra stone on the scales of balance and reason.
So consider a request for a reduced flow of material as you travel the world.
Again thanks Bill

Enjoyed reading from Australia, also doomed to follow down the racist path of a special “Voice” interfering with the constitution and to be followed by treaties and reparations/rents in favour of those that identify as aboriginal.

Sad 😞

Sir Robert Jones – you are a legend and will be remembered as such. (this is not an obituary) We now see today that this current government has continued where JA left off and their shambolic money management will leave this country in a fiscal mess for a very long period.

Interesting that the previous 24 comments are from men. As is this one.
One wonders if we(men) are/have missed a blokes bloke opinion for so long and will grieve when the blokes bloke signs off to leave us with insipid commenters.

That’s terrible for me, now I have to find a new bullshite detector to outsource too. Saves me a tonne of time to find and filter the hilarious confabulations that locals get up too.

Sir Bob, Your comments in your column are always a breath of fresh air.
Even Sir Rob Muldoon would chuckle.I will miss your cutting wit and insight
on NZ issues.I always look forward to your daily sermon with a smerk.

My late husband’s last wish was to have dinner with you SBJ. It wasn’t to be. However I have continued reading your blog. You have given me hope. Thank you. Marge

I always take heart in your earlier comments (and quote to people who need to know) that labour are going to be gone in a landslide. Maybe gone for a generation. Bring it on…

Gonna miss you immensely Sir Bob, nobody has done more for my mental health than you. You’ve kept us mighty sane with your daily delivery of humour, bullseye predictions and worldly views based on years of experience, travel and pure wisdom. Go well and keep well.

Bob, I am saddened by your decision to discontinue this blog. Your preparedness to reflect publicly on the many absurdities with which New Zealand is awash these days has refreshed me on an almost daily basis.

Who now to comment on the display of TWO ‘New Zealand’ flags at the recent women’s football match in Wellington and the rendition there of our national anthem in just the one language; namely maori?

All I can say is, ‘Good luck on your travels but Oh for 1984’.

A Gilmore of Wellington August 3, 2023 at 11:27 am

Bob – I enjoy your musings. Whether it is your longer form writing, your business insights or this blog, you are a credit to helping others to believe that there is hope, comedy and we are not alone in our views of the evils and incompetence of the particular brand of racially infused socialism we have been experiencing.

With deepest respects, thank you SRJ for doing your duty to your country (NZ not Aeotebloodyroa).
Please have someone compile the best of your blogs, print them as a record of these unbelievable years, and perhaps donate a copy to every school library?
Very best wishes.

I look forward to reading you new blog, about your insights around your new home ?

Thanks so much for your insightful,witty and intelligent writing Sir Bob.I have followed you for many years and always enjoyed your thinking. Wishing you a fullflling retirement, would love to see you resume your blog if you start to miss it and us your readers:)

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