The above “amazing revelation” is a BBC web-site headline.

All that NZ $2.5 billion spent when a jungle-bound Pygmy savage could have saved this expenditure by the European Space Agency and told us that. So too most three year olds.

Significantly, no sighting of a bearded bugger in a ballgown amidst billions of harp-playing angels. Nor despite the recent grossly over-blown stuff about alien sightings, any discovery of other civilisations.

As a news item this comes into the category of scientists, after extensive study, advising that water is wet.


That is the most incredible thing. You look for a dark patch in the night sky and train the telescope onto that area. When you look at it through the telescope it is full of stars and galaxies.

    What a waste of time, energy and money. Wars and starving people bound and yet billions spent on this crap that you can see by looking up at the sky. A need to grow up people and the sooner mankind disappears the better the world will be.

They walk and breed amongst us. Ye Gods.

We’ve known that since Arthus C. Clarke’s 2000:A space odyssey – “it’s full of stars!” And, Clarke didn’t need a telescope to to write that into fiction. I admire what they’re doing, but, for the money that astronomers and rocket people have spent on space exploration, we could have fixed most of the problems on Earth.

Richard Branson spent a small fortune for a closer look; but at least it was his money maybe?

Its got to be better than trying to outdo each other with a bigger super yacht…

..super yacht with team of slave unionist Labour party voters whipped to “pedal faster” or be forced over the plank..
well good for nothing else are they !

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