LABOUR – 20%

ACT – 20%

GREENS – 11%




Labour and the media go on about how close the results will be but I suspect they know this poll prediction is the likely result – and earned

Sir Bob the only part of your prediction that I don’t like is NZ First. We really do not need those opportunists in our Parliament. But thank you for continuing to give hope that we will have a change of government for the better including a strong voice for ACT before we get more of the same from National.

20 % for ACT ? That seems generous , Sir Bob . It would be the mother of all wake up calls for Labour if ACT did match them at the election . We can but pray .

Sir Bob I love your numbers, though nothing would bring me more joy than NZ First only getting to 4.95%

I would not be the least bit surprised if ACT got closer to 25%

There is stuff that Winston can say and do that no other can.

As a principle he runs with the winning team, so maybe not so bad if he got 5.5%.

The Greens a few less please, their reason for existence harder see, Marxism, environmentalism mixed with social justice sort of getting boring.

    Last time he had the choice he did not go with the winning team. The result is/was a disaster, both politically and economically.

20% Labour – how I wish that is the case.

Winston stuck in opposition would be great

I believe that totally disillusioned Labour supporters who cannot bring themselves to cast a vote for any other party will significantly affect the result. Sir Bob’s prediction makes sense.

I do not post on social media like Twitter, but spend time reading tweets and replies to various subjects that are relevant to NZ.Many want a change of direction, but have no faith that National will deliver this, and consequently consider ACT. Words are cheap in opposition, yet the overall trend in NZ seems to be centrist, or left of. Many people will vote on no other basis than what’s in it for them, they could be farmers, business owners, or beneficiaries, but self interest is a powerful motivator.

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