Today’s “The Post” (or for the huge number of people who can only speak maori, “Te Upoko O Te Ika”, this presumably the name of a pre-colonial maori newspaper) led with a world-class ludicrous heading; viz – “No Winners in the Tragedy.”

This was the report on the Dickason trial, brilliantly described by top journo’ Martin van Beynen.

It would be interesting to ask the half-witted sub-editor responsible for the heading, exactly what contingencies re this tragedy was there potentially a winner?

Still, he got one word right, namely “Tragedy.” No sane mother murders her little girls and Mrs Dickason will doubtless end up in an appropriate mental care facility.

As an aside from this case, plenty of perfectly sane people have to control the temptation to murder their daughters when they hit the perpetual bloody trouble years of 13 to 60.



Some of these journalists need to go back to school. That headline would be more appropriate for a horse race where the field fell into a hole. I’m glad that I and my family have never had to walk a mile in Mrs. Dickasons shoes.

Jeez Bob when I read the last sentence I laughed out loud !!

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