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..i’m of European descent, mid fifties.
I live on my savings as my hip is stuffed and get no help at all from our health system or the government. I don’t really want any help other than a new hip as I can’t afford to pay for one.
Pretty sure the other hip is on its way out anyway.
I think i’m spending around 28k per anumn too survive. Life is not much fun. The hip is painful most of the time now. There are no extra’s. Constantly rack my head trying to think of ways to put some money back in the bank.

I see many many wealthy Maori driving flash cars, wearing flash clothes buying expensive groceries. I Don’t care that they are doing well. Good luck to you.

How is racial profiling for health care fair. Is it Labours intent to create the injustice of apartheid purely as some form of vindictive pay-back. I thought Labour was supposed to exist for the worker.
When do academic socialists actually do anything to help anybody ?

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