I’ve referred before on this Blog to my mail-bag and the constant inflow of unsolicited mail from strangers soliciting money, offering me “investment opportunities” and so on.

It may be hard to believe but back in the 1980s I received at least 50 such missives daily, and frequently more. Fortunately, now with a non-existent public profile it’s down to about half a dozen.

Below is a recent one from a Marco Zeeman and my response. It’s world-class nonsensical verbiage.

Zeeman is a Dutch name and given that nation’s pervading practicality, one can only ponder on when Marco was doubtless a nice little 4 year old, like all kids at that age, had his parents been able to have seen how he’d turn out decades later, Marco might have become the victim of an “accidental” drowning.

Of course, in the unlikely event any readers of this Blog have an interest in singing whales with an urge to journey into the hinterland, they might care to support Marco.


Although I suspect you may have harpooned Marco’s poor little feelings.


Brings to life – Be careful what you wish for.

Sorry Bob, the letter is a bit like TV1 news, I am one of those 95% kiwis that cannot speak or comprehend the Maori language, so I could not understand what the letter writer was implying.

I like whales, don’t get me wrong. But that “Meet The Whales” paragraph is truly gut-wrenching.

Query – does the Tax Payer contribute to the costs of this Operation/Trust? I suspect so….

I just checked out their web site To get an idea of their enterprise. It really is, as Sir Bob would say… “world class cock”.

Some definitions:
Connect – Give me your time
Partner – Give me your money
Collaborate – Give me your time and money
Explore – Give me your time to discuss giving me your money
Opportunity – Way for you to give me your time and money
Innovation – A new way to use more of your time and money

People should stop using these words. I have never gotten a message that uses any of these words that is worth responding to.

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