Former Labour Party President Mike Williams issued a press release saying the election is still too close to call. If he genuinely believes that then here’s an opportunity for him to get rich.

I’ll give him 3 to one odds that Labour will not be the next government. I suggest he endeavour to gather up monied supporters to back his claim for as many millions as he likes and I’m happy to deposit with a lawyer of his choice, three times what he can raise.

The problem he’ll face is finding such people as Mike will learn he’s possibly the only person in the country who doesn’t know the government is doomed.

Right now Luxon could rape a nun, that’s if he can find one, and while it would cost him votes, there’d still be a new government in October.

The issue is not whether Labour can win but rather, can they survive as a political party with the 20 to 25 ragtail MPs they’ll have left after the coming well-deserved thrashing.

A final comment: I can remember every election since 1949 and can adamantly say that none were such fore-gone conclusions as this one. Nor was there such wide-spread anger, notably over their principal legacy of creating a racist society. This will take a long time to repair.

Add to that their outrageously irresponsible spending and a whole bevy of other outrages.

They will be recorded as the worst government in our country’s history.



Go on Mike – make my day!

I believe you are correct Sir Bob. I’ll just go and grease those rails under them …

Great Bet Sir Bob …lets pray ! Mike Williams takes it up with his cronies .

Good Afternoon Sir Bob, Thank you for your very accurate assessment of the crises that we have been sucked into. I would love to have the same confidence that you show for the demise of this totally incompetent bunch of monkeys, but unfortunately in my opinion there are a lot of non thinkers, that vote for Labour no matter what. Brainwashed is one way to put it, too lazy to think for them selves is another!!

Amen to that !!! 100% agreed Bob !

😂 😂😂 I had tears rolling down my cheeks with your classic………” …..Luxon could rape a nun , if he could find one etc”. Losing overall control of my widdle wasn’t that far away.
My wife has been seriously afflicted by the dreaded shopping disease and I was in another bloody London shopping maul., as she was doing a complete stocktake of another bloody shop.with no real plan or need to buy ?? I was just about to find a sharp object to slit my wrists….. Add to that, the previous night, I’d just paid $00’s to stand in a sweaty jam packed train with thousands of Boisterous Bokkers, to watch the AB’s @ Twickenham , get a walloping and timely lesson by the SA Rugby Team. My mood was dark. That’s when I read your latest…

🤪Humour is such a tonic. Laughter really is medicine and bloody good for us. It must improve the mental health of at least 50% of the nation or readers?
Freedom! The freedom to write the truth or whatever comes into your head at the time, which is usually on point and topical is a national treasure. And we need a lot more of it.
So Bob, please continue with your “no punches pulled contributions.”
With your deep ish pockets, you can say virtually anything and anyone is welcome to tie up the courts trying to rewrite the libel and slander laws. And I know you treasure the woke idiots that try.
Love you work Bob.

So eloquent Sir Bob !

The racial divide created by Ardern and Labour is shameful and will indeed take decades to repair. Where one race gets preferential treatment such as being pushed ahead of another for hospital care because of their skin colour or heritage its called Apartheid. And I never thought it would exist is this country like it does now.

Never a truer analysis made of the downward spiraling Liebour party. Great assessment Sir Bob. They will go down in New Zealand history as the worst political party to ever lead the country.

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