The sound of lashing followed by piercing screams saw the Police crash into Stuff’s Wellington offices yesterday.

There they rescued a sub-editor, strapped to a post, being brutally flogged, the flogger being urged on by other staff members, all in gumboots and raincoats, such is the degree of wetness they emanate.

The subbie’s crime; he’d let slip those evil words New Zealand into print, instead of the Aotearoa invention.


At least Stuff occupy ground floor premises. Pity the poor bugger at TVNZ that suggests a positive angle for a story on ACT’s appeal to voters – they’re several stories up. Mind you, their soulmate Vlad gets away with “he/she/they fell”.

How do we get rid of the current media that is so biased?

    Stop their taxpayer funding, left them survive on advertising, donations and subscriptions as right wing media in NZ do. As Cromwell said to the Long Parliament: ‘You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.’

Extra lashes for this offence …..

Nice one Sir Bob. Whenever I hear mention of the A word I think – poor sods I wonder where that is, lucky I live in New Zealand

Even more taboo nowadays, would be to suggest… to merely hint, that colonization of New Zealand by the British was remotely beneficial in any way, shape or form. In ANY mainstream media. Never mind flogging, that would get you crucified. The accepted orthodoxy now, being that British colonization 100% bad. All things indigenous Maori 100% perfect and wonderful.

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