Stuff journalist Marty Sharpe began a story thus; “A couple that was married for more than 50 years…”

No, no, no Marty, unless of course the couple was married to something else such as a llama or suite of furniture. Possible of course in these crazy days.

Assuming that’s not the case, Marty should have written, “A couple who were married.”

I looked up Marty on Google and all became clear.

This revealed a middle-aged man who took up journalism a couple of years back after packing in his former life as a ski instructor.

Once again, this reveals Stuff’s abandonment of sub-editors.





Bob – Marty is Stuff’s bastion of commonsense and old school ‘facts’ journalism. He has a good eye for a story – based on rich life experience. Get him in for a drink and you’ll part good mates.

Well to be fair, he is a ‘bureau chief’ for the Hawkes Bay. And a journalist for more that 30 years. Which perhaps makes it worse?

As if the country needed more journalists back then.

It’s not only journalism. Check out this comment from primary school teacher, Hare Nikora, in response to a critical comment about Chris Hipkins on Facebook recently:

“Well he looks pretty good because nats tax plan has a problem… they cant tax buyers from china which is what they said is their main buyers. They havent defended it either.”

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