Few industries match mine (Commercial Property) when it comes to bullshit job titles.

A recent newspaper display advert by Bayleys under the heading

“Strategic Appointment”. Introduced an employee as,

“The National Head of Occupier Strategy and Solutions”

That farcical mouthful of meaningless verbiage relates to a job formerly known as Leasing Manager.

Fun awaits. Try calling Bayleys and ask to speak to the National Head of Occupier Strategy and Solutions. The bewildered receptionist will tell you, you have the wrong number.

Do it again and she’ll threaten to call the Police.

Ring a third time and ask for the Leasing Manager and she’ll put you straight through.





Hmmm – Pre-cast Concrete Foreman Wanted – Permanent Position.

Glad to see this absurdity still going strong. From one of the biggest banks in the world back in the 1990s: “Vice President Corporate Communications” = fax operator.

I was on a subban train in Perth WA recently when the ticket collectors came through the carriage.Their high-vis (terrible term) jerkins bore the title “Revenue Protection Officers.” Do they work part-time in banks?

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