Waikato University Chancellor Neil Quigley has requested I notify readers of a blunder I made on this Blog re his new talking Sparrow language course.

Apparently it will be a one year Diploma and not a three year Degree Course which I mistakenly advised. I was disappointed that many Blog readers treated this with levity.

Neil advised that one year part-time’s study is sufficient to achieve sparrow fluency.

He hopes to have it underway next year and tells me he intends personally conducting some initial classes, while his tutors get up to speed.

Interested potential students should register their interest with the university, online and thereafter will be kept informed. Send to Waikato University:




Whilst I am tempted by the Sparrow language course I would be desirous of learning Magpie or Rook as I think sparrows are far too plebian and their conversational skills are very low quality.

Taking the mickey out of sparrow language is very birdist. Bird lives matter.

Thanks Bob,
I have just written to Neil to enroll for next years Sparrow speaking course.
How exciting! I need to learn more in my retirement.

I’m enrolling in Neil’s course as I speak fluent ‘Weka’. I call ‘Weka Weka Woo’ & they come running from all directions. Picking up sparrow should be relatively easy as the Weka brain & language is far more advanced than a sparrow’s.

I guess the days lectures will start at sparrows fart

Do they have a course? for taking the piss

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