Stuff reports MP Rachel Boyack saying “Fundamentally, everyone has the right to live in a safe, warm and dry home”.

As always the prefix “Fundamentally”, gives away that Boyack is talking nonsense. This reality, going back to 1929 when it was first noted is always used to pretend something is so obvious as not needing explanation, albeit in reality it’s a cover for talking tosh.

In a month Rachel will disappear back to her former obscurity as the government is swept out of office.

ACT say they will close the nonsensical Human Rights office, currently in one of my company’s buildings. They occupy a massive near 10,000 sq ft of office space which one might expect would embrace 80 or more employees.

The question arises; what on earth do they all do? Every fortnight or so their boss issues to the media a new natural human right they’ve thought up.

The only natural human right I’ve ever experienced to be valid is that I receive breakfast in bed, even though the Human Rights Commission haven’t yet covered that one.

One thing’s for sure. Publishing a small book detailing all of the natural human rights this outfit has come up with would provide highly entertaining reading.



Bravo Sir Bob

Wayne Senior Fairbrother September 18, 2023 at 3:38 pm

What about the human right to have far more children than you can afford to support or bring up properly? The human right of career youth criminals to face no meaningful or effective consequences for their crimes? The human right of gang parents to bring up children, when Ministry of Social Development research says 60% of children born to a gang parent will be abused or neglected?

“Fundamental right” must be one of the most overused statements of the ideological left. Its probably 3rd place, just below their other favourites “crisis” and “emergency”

Ayn Rand called them printing-press rights. Printing-press rights undermine authentic rights. The only fundamental right is the right to life, which is short for the right to live one’s life as a reasoning being (i.e., to achieve one’s potential as a human being). Authentic rights are corollaries of that right. Nothing that requires other persons to labour for you (such as giving you money or a house) is a right, for that would be a “right” to enslave, which is antithetical to the needs of the reasoning mind.

Brilliantly funny. Thanks Sir Bob

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