The above, the lead heading on today’s The Herald’s website.

Doubtless a cultural report and 6 months home detention awaits. That will teach the poor bugger never to offend again.


Plus a stern telling off from the beak.

Sadly, that is how it will probably pan out.

Bob, given the current delays in court proceedings, hopefully a change of government will mean cultural reports are gone by lunchtime, Harry Tame will have to find another means to rort the taxpayer to fund his extravagant lifestyle and proper punishment will be sentenced on this murdering low life?

What is the world coming to ! Even perfectly innocent bus stops , quietly minding their own business , are being murdered in broad daylight.

May even get off.

Wayne Senior Fairbrother September 19, 2023 at 2:42 pm

Plenty of kitchen foil wrap around his ankle bracelet, and he will be out killing again in no time.

Needs capital punishment brought back.

Does the Youth Court even dish out Home Detention? Or are they limited to a family conference?

And the deceased victim was a 501 deported from Australia as he had many convictions. Now his family claim it’s not fair he was deported despite his extensive criminal record. My a question is why was he such a serious criminal at a young age, my guess the acorn in this case followed the family tree! The other question is what we’re they all doing at the bus interchange. I doubt it was to catch a bus.

Chumpkins latest bribe is to ban fizzy drinks from 16 year old school kids.
Perhaps not having the sense to know good food from bad.
How then does the same theory apply when voting for dodgy politicians or should the government also decide !
Either way we won’t see stupid knee jerk irrational thinking from naive children.

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