I tuned in to TV One on Tuesday night for the debate, that in itself a rare event, indeed probably the first time this year that I’ve viewed TVNZ. But not for long. I lasted 10 minutes.

The appalling moderator Jessica Mulch or Muck or some such name, screeching and bellowing Barbarian while Hipkins simultaneously babbled at 100 words a minute, saw me quickly tune out and pick up my book.

This Jessica woman’s speech brought to mind a startling last year’s news item, downplayed but the press at the time.

That was an American poll in which the public listened to 100 plus different speakers and declared New Zealand women had the worst speech in the world. Listening to Jessica certainly justified that poll but then again, she’s hardly typical.

The next day I read the various who won the Debate? comments.

The Herald’s Political editor Claire Trevett, former editor Shane Currie, senior political writer Audrey Young and deputy Political editor Thomas Coughlan, all declared in favour of Luxon.

From everything I’ve read about the debate my pick for the winner would be David Seymour as the whole thing sounded rather bad.

Hipkins has an impossible task defending our worst post-war government by a country mile. If Labour can manage 20% in the election he will have done well.

The country is in need of numerous changes and only ACT is offering them. I suspect the big shock in the election will be how well ACT does.




Women news readers in New Zealand according to John Oliver sound like an “unoiled axle.”
It’s not confined to women news readers.

You’re absolutely right.Mutch an embarasment only surpassed by two politicians competing in a rapid speech contest.Seymour outshines these two “performers” .You are also going to be right with your prediction of 18 months ago for a Labour election annihilation

TVNZ as a ‘state sponsored’ broadcaster is a sham. The presenter and content of what they describe as ‘Aotearoa’s world-class news’ is nothing short of embarrassing. They always issue warnings ‘the next news item contains graphic scenes, we advise viewers discretion’. It’s never that bad and always followed by a nice soft fluffy animal story. God forbid they give us any real analysis of life, business or geopolitical trends as our limited mental institutions will be overflowing the next day.

Totally agree, did not finish listening – recorded it to fast forward through adverts etc but alas, my patience wore out.

There are three more of these ” debates ” to come . Sadly I’ll miss them because …. ahhhh … I’ve got to wash the cat …. yes , that’s it .

I watched the first few minutes of the
Debate, but then rembered I had some more important matters to deal. So I ironed the teatowels, defleaed the cat, and rearranged the packets of vegetables in the freezer.

Yes, I have been wondering if we will have a Act Govt. in coalition with the Nats and not the other way around. Then NZ First will certainly liven the place up!

It comes to show (or rather confirm yet again) that these days “politics” are perceived by the media as some sort of “reality show” and produce it as such… forget the future of the Nation, all bow to the god of ratings and click baiting!

The finance debate moderated by Jack Tame was no better. Tame’s idea of interjecting was to raise his hand and rapidly stutter “No no no no no no no no!”

This is what passes for media in New Zealand. Utter amateurs.

The only positive thing to come out of the debacle, not debate, was that it should all be bottled up and prescribed for insomnia.

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