Knowing the game is up and campaigning for our worst ever government is a lost cause, Stuff is in a meltdown of desperation.

Consider this –

They (and the NZ Herald) ran stories about the National Party’s plan to levy tax on foreign house purchasers specifically they cited a self-proclaimed economist outfit called Corelogic claiming the scheme would be ineffectual and raise bugger all.

That was a few weeks back. But last week the Post led with a front-page story quoting the same mob, now claiming this proposition would drive up house prices, this on an argument of mind-boggling irrationality.

They now claimed that the tax would bring more buyers into the market, which if so is certainly a radical new economic theory when it comes to taxation.

I can’t give further details as the front-page story finished off in mid-sentence with a message in bold type “TURN TO PAGE 4” for its continuation.

But far from continuing it had disappeared into the ether as it could not be found on page 4 or anywhere else.





One things for sure, if the 15% to be charged was a stamp duty to foreign buyers (rather than an increase in recorded price) it definitely wouldn’t drive prices up……

But that wouldnt be good for the banks, would it…

I have heard a rumor that an IWI consortium are going to purchase “Stuff” at a bargain price, anyone else heard anything?

Thanks for your commentaries Bob. I await them daily, and they keep me on track in this political climate.

Maybe if The Post just ran pages with “continued on page 4” (with nothing on p4) – their circulation might go up!

When the history of this disastrous government is written-running parallel will be the equally disastrous failures of the media to hold them to account. Stuff are certainly the worst of a bad bunch

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