The election is done and dusted. A landslide beckons for the most disastrous government in our history. This last week will be tedious as diverse political commentators write articles pretending it’s still in the lap of the Gods and babble on nonsense about the polls.

Labour has their own internal polls and I’m aware (but won’t tell you how) that they’re disastrous.

The likes of Tova and others continue to write ridiculous articles pretending it’s still a close call.

Only Stuff’s political editor Luke Malpass is honest about this and acknowledges a Labour debacle beckons.

Hipkin’s Covid will initially be blamed then after a fortnight the Party remnants will turn on him and roll him as leader for some unknown to carry the can for a few years.

But there’s no point changing the government unless the new lot bring change. National won’t do that. They will compromise as always.

Nowadays people know that which is why I stand by my prediction ACT will do well and we’ll have co-government whereupon only then the necessary reforms will occur.

To ensure that happens give ACT your Party votes otherwise migrate.




Your last sentence is spot on

I agree and think they wont need Winston to form a government which I believe wont last a full term. Luxon will not be prepared to make the changes needed & pushed by ACT and ACT will walk away

Already did. Here hoping ACT gets 25% votes so they can slap National in the face when/as needed.


Already gave Act mine…

ACT are about to learn the folly of campaigning for an increase in the age of entitlement for the pension. Key, Adern and Peters, all with highly tuned political antenna, could have given him that lesson for free. No coincidence that since Seymour released this policy Act’s polling has fallen.

    Maybe they believe in an their early death and have for gotten that the vast sums spent in medical care will extend their pension period by maybe five years of more. I have outlived my father by longer so all good me!

I cannot bear to read/listen to or watch the MSM. Who do they think they are kidding?

Your comment , probably about 18 months age predicting the election annihilation of Labourwill be spot on .Agreed media morons ,mostly in the “Red” Nz herald including Hooton ,continue to “Babble on nonsense about the polls” This same rabble will have all kinds of nonsensical excuses come Sunday. THE WORST ,MOST CORRUPT AND MOST INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT ,INCLUSIVE OF ARDERN will be gone into oblivion

Hi again Bob, I am just about to leave home here to vote.. cognoscent of your last sentence.

I have voted ACT since the party’s inception and have repeated this in 2023. There are pundits who claim Nat/ACT will require NZ First. I suspect not despite the raucous support for Winston from the media and Cameron Slater. (Cameron’s site is oozing Winston mania at present.)

frederickwilliscroft October 10, 2023 at 2:21 pm

Well put Sir Robert. I have just come back to NZ having been out of the country on holiday for 6 months and have only followed the election campaign on the periphery. However I have been made aware of the dreadful coverage by the MSM and am pleased to have missed most of the campaign. The media here are simply dreadful – the slightest perceived mistake by National/Act is leapt on by a hostile media whereas 6 years of failure and ineptness by the current Govt is largely ignored.

I watched Newshub the other night and the lead item was about some elderly National party supporter (who seemed a pretty amiable chap) who had visited a candidate for Te Pati Maori. and was allegedly trespassing. Why this was news let alone the lead was beyond me. I assume it was seen as an opportunity to besmirch the Nats. Just embarrassing news coverage.

There will indeed be some sour faces on the media come Saturday evening,

I hope and wait for your prediction to be true Sir. Winston First is hand break, chocks and a steering wheel lock to any meaningful progress in New Zealand.

I owe Act for standing up to the Slum Enabling Bill, but otherwise it’s Winston.
The days are gone of being able to say: “what’s good for business is good for me”.
Eg. in 2011 tourism earned $80,000/worker; now it’s $70,000 and a much bigger industry.
That’s a lot of people struggling to pay the rent and survive in old age. We are supposed to have a balanced system: Labour for workers; National for business (roughly), but “look we lifted all these people in Bangladesh out of poverty”

Heather Du Plessis – Allan read this out on her show on News Talk ZB this evening. It just goes to show that you have a big following Bob, so please do not stop after the election.

I agree ACT will force the changes required

2 ticks ACT from me. We need decisive govt decisions. David is consistent and if we give him the opportunity, he won’t waste it either.

Thankyou for talking to Sean SB.
Bloody marvellous.
Jacinda saved us from the White island by leaving our country. We all won.

Message to most of those commenting above: If you really wanted to stop W Peters you need to vote The Opportunities Party – as a centrist party (as UnitedFuture did) TOP would keep ACT/Nat from the weird extremes

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