I began this Blog 3 years back with the onset of Covid and the lockdown. But as I’ve advised for some time now, I’m pulling stumps with tomorrow’s election.

One reason is I spend half the year abroad and it causes me some inconvenience maintaining it in those circumstances.

Another is I sometimes feel there’s far too many opinion pieces these days thus we all end up talking in an echo chamber solely to those who share similar opinions.

Some final thoughts.

There’s an old Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times”.

I suspect we’d all very much wish to live in less interesting times than currently. The world is in an alarming state nearly everywhere and as I’ve often said, thank God for sport and its easy television access providing the bright spot in our lives.

Finally, I’d like to sincerely thank the many kind readers who have cheered me on and expressed their appreciation for my efforts to date.




Sorry to see you pulling stumps Bob. Your humour and astute observations have been a daily highlight. Not many commentators in NZ (are there any others?) with the mix of commercial, political and international experience that you bring to the table. Thanks and all the best.

Will very much miss your insightful, sometimes provocative, always interesting and usually educational posts. You will be sorely missed. I am sure not only I but many others would appreciate if you still post your thoughts on an occasional basis. Either way here’s wishing you all the best in your future ventures. Cheers

Thank you Sir Bob.
You have certainly made life more interesting over the past few years & your blog will be missed.
I recall attending one of your property seminars as a 20 year old ( 37 years ago! ) The learnings I gained have contributed to my property / business career.



    Dear Sir Bob,
    The first book I read of yours was Jones on Property in 1977 when in my late teens. I subsequently attended all three of your property seminars at Trillo’s and have greatly enjoyed being a property investor over the last forty years. I have been very remiss in not thanking you for the huge impact of the knowledge that you so generously imparted.
    Your blog has been a constant high light and will be missed.

    With my sincere thanks & best wishes

Sir Bob, You are a champion fella, one of the great New Zealanders. I put you up there with Hillary, Sheppard, Rutherford, Upham, Blake, Snell and Meads. I feel very sad today, it is like there has been a death in the family ! The woke brigade will be rejoicing.
Thank you and be lucky.

Sir Bob, thank you for your insightful and at time witty commentary on the many issues you have tackled.

This blog will be sadly missed, but we all wish you well for the future and your undoubted many travels.

Best wishes

Thanks for this Sir Bob, Now what will I read!

Can you delegate to a ghost writer? Or train a LLM on your style?

A highlight of the last three years, always entertaining. Thank you.

Thanks Bob, I’ve read everynone of your blogs over the past 3 years and thoroughly enjoyed your opinions and writings. All the best in the Middle East, make sure you come back in one piece.

I will sincerely miss your wonderful articulate and intelligent blog Sir Bob Thank you. Enjoy the future experiences you select.

Bob. Thank you for writing you blog as a temporary record of the last few years – could you please do your country another service by compiling the best of your blogs ? Then publishing them as a permanent reminder of what has been perpetrated on the NZ population – hopefully with a copy donated to every high school library ?
With enduring respect

Adios Amigo Sir Robert, you will be sorely missed by all that follow your blog.

Back in 1987 I invested my life savings in RJI after watching you clobber TVNZ Reporter, Rod Vaughan, while minding your own business trout-fishing on the Tongariro River. I recall at the time the Judge fined you $1,000 and you asked him if you paid $2,000 whether you could have another crack! Brilliant!

Thanks for keeping us all heartily informed with your witty wisdoms and smack on predictions. You’ve improved our mental health collectively. Tomorrow will see a change of guard and as the Clayton’s telly advert went “now we can all get some sleep”!

Thanks for all the good articles and humor Bob. Finally great to see you thanking God, He is never far from us…

Thanks Sir Bob, your musings will be sadly missed but perhaps there will be time for some more books? Enjoy your extra reading time. Regards Mike

Thanks mate. From one state house boy to another, your opinions have been helpful and informative.

Thank you very much and best wishes.

You always brought smile and laughter to my day.
My routine of having a coffee while reading your blog will be sadly missed.

New Zealanders have been most fortunate to have your wisdom and contributions in numerous areas over many years.
Best wishes
David Parlour

Thanks for maintaining morale recently in our depressed and battered little country. May I suggest there’s one last book, ‘Learning to Think’ as a mandatory university text book.

Thanks…You’ll now have time to write that autobiography that all your readers and many more I’m sure would really enjoy.

Thanks for the forum.

While I recognise we don’t share all the same viewpoint or values, your blog has been a good vehicle to vent our frustration on what’s left of bureaucracy.

The history lessons have been great. .

As an old head minister of mine; Ian McKinnon, said to me in his personal leaving message..’Go well, and keep up with your tennis.’

The last thing I’d say I have found there is no greater satisfaction than investing my time in helping people. I trust you continue to enjoy this too..

Losing your blog is a sad day ..thank you and all the very best of everything to you 🙂

So sad to see you go Sir Bob,have realy enjoyed your blog.Looked forward to every new posting.

Sir Bob
I have spent these past few years reading your posts and have found your intelligent ability to see and ‘tell it how it is’ ,combined with your clever wit, so refreshing and inspiring. Laughter truly is the best medicine and in these ‘interesting times’ you have made me feel there is real hope for us all. You are national treasure and your blog will be sorely missed. Thank you.

Councillor Ray Chung October 14, 2023 at 12:23 pm

Many, many thanks Bob. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and will sorely miss it! Cheers!

Thank you Sir Bob.

Thank you Bob, you bring a breath of fresh air. i also remember reading a book of yours many many years ago. I took this on board and have had the good fortune to do very well out of commercial property. Not ridiculous but sure has put us in a great spot for the rest of our time on this planet. Really enjoy your commentary and hate the PC and bullshit. Live doesnt have to be that hard and serious.

Don’t shut it down completely SBJ, am sure will always be an urge to share a thought or two !
Good luck and all the best.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog, Bob, over the last three years. You leave a vacuum – who else will prick the hypocrisy? Fran O’Sullivan

Bob Jones, soothsayer

Thanks for all your writing Bob, I started out reading your books as a teenager in the early 2000’s, and it’d be fair to say your writing had a decent sized influence on my outlook on life and philosophy. I’ve enjoyed reading your entertaining and thought provoking thoughts here, all the best.


Come on Bob, one last encore!
Now that the election result was as you predicted, it would be a fitting for you to sign off with one last comment.

Thank you Bob. I have appreciated your input over this time. A reassuring voice. Always looked forward to and enjoyed.
And thank you also for your benevolence toward various organisation’s and people.
Safe travels.
Kind regards and love.

We’re going to miss your blog, Bob. Thanks for three years of your wisdom and insights. Cheers, Steve


Safe Travels and All the Best for your Future Sir. Bob.

‘Slainte, sonas agus beartas’
Not Maori – The phrase is Gaelic for ‘good health, wealth and happiness’.

    I belatedly read Bob’s notice. Humour in NZ took a nosedive when Bob withdrew his court case a few years ago. Now humour has suffered again, plus objectivity. Bob (as usual) is correct with the echo chamber comment. Instead of being in the msm, all the more succinct and objective commentators occupy these positions. Only a fraction of the public follow, and then only one or two sources. Presumably parliamentary staff read all, but seem not to heed.
    Bob is one of the few prominent NZers I would love to have a wide ranging private conversation (with a signed undertaking of confidence on my part!). Sincere thanks Bob and best wishes.

We will miss you and wish you all the best.

Thanks – and for being honest with your thoughts

I keep returning just in case Sir Bob makes another post. This blog was a bit of a highlight filling a niche amongst the drab offerings from the woke mainstream media. Steven Joyce is another I like to follow but he’s less productive with content. I have previously wondered if Sir Bob is politically right or left, but my conclusion he is neither. A pragmatist who supports whichever partie’s policies are best for the country at the time. All the best Sir Bob.

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