Advice for Jami Lee-Ross

I’ve taken a close interest and at varying times, an active involvement in New Zealand politics for almost 70 years, going back to my childhood.

As a general proposition I would say the vast majority of our politicians were or are well-meaning decent people. But not all. There have also been some ghastly individuals who by hook or crook have found themselves MPs, but never for long before exposure of their true character sees their ejection.

That said, in my view there has never been anyone so swinish as the traitorous Jami Lee-Ross, (that name alone should be a hanging offence) and the sooner his snout it out of the public trough, the better we’ll all be.

Of his victims, I feel specially sorry for the married female MP he had a fling with then decided we must all know of this fairly common Parliamentary event.

What specially annoys is the subsequent Police investigation into the preposterous assertion that her statement to him that he deserved to die amounted to a breach of the law in allegedly inciting suicide. That is infantile and should have been dismissed promptly and not allowed to drag on for months. One in every three 13 year old girls says it to their mothers who don’t then rush to the Police.

It was an understandable in the circumstances, expression of opinion, bitter to be sure but not an incitement to suicide and no different from saying, “You deserve to be murdered” which is also not a crime.

If Lee-Ross had a normal ego he would realise he has no future in our public life, shift to Australia and start a new career as a house salesman or whatever. But in an endeavour to be helpful, if he must persist, then here’s a suggestion.

There’s a huge gap in our current political spectrum and that’s for a party representing the ever clamorous and seemingly rapidly growing non-heterosexual community, in all of its increasing diversity.

Lee-Ross should have a sex-change (no need for a name change, Jami being adequately girlish) and re-emerge suitably frocked as the queer community’s messiah. Imagine the annual conference; Lee-Ross presiding over a room filled with a thousand shrieking sodomites. It would become a treasured annual television event as well as a suitable punishment.



Today I discovered your blog, way of Michael Reddell’s. Hallelujah, is all I can say..or perhaps that should be Allahu Akbar today, because of, well, I’m a Cantab. Thanks for the laughs!

I agree most politicians are well meaning. But that’s not the test. The test is: Will they risk an election when they really should, in the name of doing what’s right? Will they risk their own jobs to that end?

I reckon not too many of those “lovely” politicians would pass that test, Bob.

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