A week ago, for the first time in almost 20 year I re-read my 1999 comic novel “Full Circle”.

Much to my amazement, having long since forgotten the details as opposed to the overall plot, I found I had written of an American politician who had identified a neglected political market of losers and exploited it, thereby establishing a solid support base through constant repetition.

Despite his personal liberal outlook, for solely political reasons he’d had opposed environmentalists for wanting to destroy honest coal-mining jobs, advocated bombing Iran and North Korea, opposed free trade, attacked Wall Street, the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, journalists, atheism, migration and much more Trumpian stuff, but, get this, all under a Party banner of America First.

As said, I’d long forgotten such detail and re-read all of this, (published I remind you, way back in 1999) with astonishment.

We’re told by insiders that Trump has never read a book. Just maybe he’d in fact read Full Circle, failing which this is a truly remarkable co-incident.

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