My heart leapt when I saw the news heading “Sri Lanka seeking two hangmen”. At last; the perfect job for Jami Lee-Ross, and even better, 9000 kilometres away.

Alas, it’s not to be, once I read the prescribed qualifications. First they required Sri Lankan nationals although that could be overcome by Jami migrating. But the killer punch was the requirement to be of good character.

As an aside, the report carried the oft trotted out  illogical guff by prison reform advocate, and their ilk,  specifically that there is no evidence capital punishment is a deterrent. That’s a ludicrous assertion as one could never know. Having said that, less these comments leave the wrong impression, I’m opposed to capital punishment, but that’s another issue.

In the meantime for the greater good of our nation it befalls everyone to keep a lookout for Jami employment opportunities. Desirable locations are the Falkland Islands, Chad and Greenland.


oh definately Chad!
He’ll love it there..


Why inflict him on Chad? They have enough problems of their own!

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