There’s much to be sad about with the collapse of newspaper readership and I particularly miss the loss of clever caption writers. Money’s no longer available for such specialists anymore, this leading at times to ridiculous headings by halfwits.

The Dom’ excelled last year, blowing up an utterly non-descript event, this when a small bar, which neither I, nor anyone I asked had heard of, folded through lack of customers. “World Famous Bar to Close” the heading shrieked, it’s alleged international renown resting on it being closed one night a decade back when a visiting minor actress had tried to enter.

It wasn’t always like that. In the 1970s and ‘80s the Dom’ in particular specialised in often brilliant captions, in my view unmatched by any newspaper anywhere.

I still fondly remember many, one favourite of four decades back which will delight readers being, “Chainsaw Wielding Cross-dresser attacks Westport Mr Whippy”.

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True – It was not always like that. I remember an article you wrote on your return from one of your world trips and I am thinking would they publish it now ?.
It had one comment which brings tears to my eyes,
In passing through Europe or wherever you had been on going you stayed in Moldova,
You said ” They have the ugliest women in the world there ” .
I think you were glad to leave, ……. I would too.
This was one of your classic statements………imprinted in my brain, never remembered anything else about Moldova…

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