A letter just in from a prominent New Zealand academic currently based in America said,

“I have been watching from afar as New Zealand drowns itself in a cesspit of grief-porn, virtue-signalling, and finger pointing, with hemp-wearing, cloth-bag-toting, Green-voting “liberals” clambering over one another to be the most outraged; claiming there are “no words”, yet judging by the diatribes on social media managing to find words of epic proportions to blame anyone and everything but themselves. It’s depressing.”

I write this on Monday, ten days following Christchurch, but still the Herald fill its pages with sickening mush. Today’s front page for example, is filled with a photo of a dark-skinned, head-scarved Muslim women with the heading, “This Is Who We Are”.

What world-class cock! She most certainly is not who we are, to the contrary in fact. She’s quite a rarity here.

To its credit the Dom’ finally gave it a rest today replacing it with a nonsense piece on its front page about sex education in our schools. I can’t comment on our television news nor radio as I don’t watch or listen to either but in my view our newspapers are now a massive embarrassment.

Let’s get it straight. A foreigner comes here and does an evil thing. It had absolutely zilch to do with New Zealand, nor for that matter with Australia. It was a one-off act by a nutter obsessed with cultural (not racial) purity, a perfectly valid viewpoint shared by most people in the world to varying degrees. It’s not an evil outlook although I don’t share it.

Life goes on with all sorts of events and shocks occurring. It’s time the newspapers came to their senses and grew up.


Well said,our newspapers collectively, are pale shadows of what they once were.
Echo chambers for conventional,vapid thinking,masquerading as something of substance.
Your return is a spring shoot, Sir Robert

But they are having so much fun!
And it is so easy to do, as well.

But they’ve got nothing else to do.

Greetings Sir Robert,
Your commentary in regards to this matter continues to be on point.
The masturbatory level of virtue signalling is like a perverse competition.
I find thinking about cultures and nations through the analogy of microbiology is helpful.
If a country is a body, and immigrants an external organism, certain levels of intake causes different results. Too high and it will provoke an autoimmune response (such as at a cultural level). Too low and the immune system withers from lack of stress testing. But just right amount and the body can adapt to the presence of new organisms and develop symbiosis.

George sheweiry snr March 26, 2019 at 9:28 pm

Sums it up nicely!!

I am sick and tired of the incessant irritatingly repetitive articles in the NZ Herald in respect of the Muslim attack. No one could possibly agree with it, or be happy about it. However, forcing it down readers throats day after day, completely desensitizes ones emotions. I never want to see another article about it and will certainly never read one. A “cesspit of grief porn” is a perfect summation.

Thank you, my thoughts exactly.

The idiots can wallow in their ‘cesspit of grief’ all they like, but using that as a pretext for more censorship of law-abiding Kiwis is an outrage.

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