The wonderful news from Brunei of the introduction of stoning to death for homosexuality and adultery, in line with Islamic tradition, provides a terrific opportunity for the government to keep up the media attention.

When Jacinda’s hugged the final as yet unhugged Kiwi Muslim she should announce that out of empathy with Islam we will introduce similar legislation here. Most right-thinking New Zealanders will back such a move, indeed doubtless many will say why stop there? What about shop-lifters, the tattooed and the obese they will ask? Quite bloody right. After all, there’s no shortage of stones in New Zealand, aside from which they’re recyclable so what can possibly be the problem?

Another excellent reason to get on post-haste with such a progressive move is the inevitability of stoning homosexuals to death becoming an Olympic event. Include it in next year’s Olympics and if we act quickly and get in some practice, we could be good for a bronze medal behind Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. They’ve had centuries of practise and doubtless sharpened their techniques.


I see the Rolling Stones have cancelled their world tour temporarily, so it may not hit the music scene either. , Mick’s not too well and his underarm stone throwing not too good, Perhaps we could use the bowling clubs…….shares in the Horokiwi quarry will skyrocket if this Gay Bashing hits these shores. We have Hip Hop so who knows what we might add to our list of Kiwi as.

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Great comment 🙂 Love it. Send this to Jacinda please.

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