Heading: “Woman buys house in South Canterbury with enough room for backyard cattery.”

This heart-attack inducing news in Stuff’s eyes, warranted four photographs and a lengthy story.

Was the woman planning to cook the cats and start a restaurant I wondered? It’s feasible. Nearly half a century ago I lived on cat-fried rice when snow-bound in the Andes for 3 days. Mind you, I didn’t learn that until after the event. But no, nothing like that. Instead brace yourself – for once Stuff got it right. She was starting a bloody cattery.

How could the editors possibly think this screaming non-event constituted news? Still, it got me thinking and being a newspaper addict and thus owning dozens of bound volumes of English and New Zealand newspapers of yesteryear going back to the mid 19th century, I researched the difference between today’s trivia-packed newspapers and yesteryears’ news-packed newspapers. The first stand-out difference was the loss of their former biggest money-earner, namely classified advertisements which once ran over as much as eight or more pages.

The other difference soon became clear. Hitherto actual news stories were dealt with in depth.Today it’s once over lightly and instead, telling us about a woman opening a cattery.


They may have also fed you hamster. Mind you, there was a rugby tram which crashed in the Andes in about 1973 that ended up having to dine on the cadavers of their dead teammates while waiting to be rescued. So typical Bob Jones, always getting the first class airline dining service! 😀

Wait for it, surely tomorrow there will be a story about Burger King’s launch of the new Whopper, It’s not made of meat however vegan addicts will throw them selves off Mount Victoria when they hear there is cheese in it, so rules it out for Vegan lovers………..
Forget Brexit !!!………stand at the bottom of the cliff and shout Jump for God’s sake, give us a break.

It’s been happening in NZ & Worldwide for years its embarrassing.
Mind you Bob the NZH is worse a total bloody rag posing as the national newspaper full of Auckland crap and we are supposed to enjoy it

Do cats taste like chicken?

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