Yesterday a Hawera plumber, Mr Bill Wilson, wrote online: “One and one is two”.

This drew an immediate angry response from Auckland’s Rawinia Turoa who declared it a blatant case of hate speech and vile racism. “I couldn’t sleep all night after I read it”, she told TV One News.

Waikato University’s Professor Horia Turangi said this is typical of Wilson who doubtless has form in maori hatred.

Ms Turoa advised she would embark on a 3 months campaign to have Wilson stripped of his plumbing credentials.

And so it goes, tiresomely on and on.


This racist, obviously a far right white supremacist, must be de-platformed. Also the ARU will probably want to rip up his contract, and Facebook must ban him from live streaming.

seems to me Bob Jones and Don Brash are the only males in the Country that own a pair.

Let me try that.

One and one is two……… nothing,

Lets try again

1 + 1 = 2………….. no nothing again, no lightning bolts from the sky nothing.

Not sure what any of this has to do with plumbing credentials.

Why are we wasting oxygen on somebody who has obviously had to much medication, or not enough.

Where does this guy live? I’m looking for a good plumber.😊

I watched the walk out of this cowboy and the feigned offence of serial victimhood on the telly tonight and was genuinely bemused by the myopic mentality of an elected official in this day and age.

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