A few weeks back I criticised the Prime Minister for donning a headscarf as a gesture of support and sympathy for the grieving Muslim community. Where were her advisors? Surely someone among her top echelon of minders should have known that was the worst possible symbolic gesture. The fact that numerous New Zealand women duly followed suit is less of a surprise in this age of mind-blowing ignorance.

World-wide the compulsory headscarf is seen as the symbol of the medieval Islamic oppression of their womenfolk. While doubtless well-meaning the Prime Minister might care to muse on this. When she was thoughtlessly parading about in her headscarf, that same week a brave middle-aged Iranian woman lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, was sentenced to 38 years in prison, preceded by 148 lashes. Her crime – defending in court courageous Iranian women who were arrested for going scarf-less in public in their fight for equality.

Jacinda gained world-wide favourable publicity for her action but you may be sure it would have been a huge let-down to the thousands of Muslim women across the globe who at huge personal risk are fighting the awful oppression inflicted on them, symbolised by the headscarf.

NB – Not all Islamic societies are strict on women’s attire. Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Morocco and many others leave it to personal choice.


Ouch. The snowflakes won’t cope with that. Heather Duplicit will have to reconsider.
Stop getting it right Bob – the constant exposure to the truth is sheer agony.


I very much doubt whether Jacinda would know about the blood soaked repressive history of Islam and how many time Islam has tried to invade Europe and been repelled. All she knows is what she has been told that Islam is a Religion of Peace

While some Muslim women object to wearing the headscarf as a sign of oppression, others choose to wear it as sign of pride in their religious beliefs.

    Yes just as many wear their genital mutilation as a sign of pride in their religious belief as well I’m sure

      FGM is neither required nor prohibited by Islam, it is a cultural practice that predates Islam.

    But surely that’s the point… it should be a matter of choice…everywhere and for everyone.

Why do we still see female police officers on tv parading around in Christchurch with headscarfs and assault rifles? Is this the new police uniform?

I thought the PM had joined the Exclusive Brethren. Oops.

Shameful for our PM to subjugate herself to Muslim men in this way and not maintain the dignity of her office.
Acronym: camphorwood

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