The Phoenix soccer club manager Dave Dome may well have blood on his hands following his Einstein-like pronouncement regarding departing coach Mark Rudan.

His amazing declaration reported by the Dominion Post, that “whatever happens in Mark’s career, happens in Mark’s career” will have weak heart sufferers dropping dead in droves.

Is Dave being paid by the Funeral Director Association to make such pronouncements one wonders? If so, they wouldn’t be the first professional association to mis-use their power at the public expense for selfish financial gain.

Some years ago I revealed a similar evil practise, namely that by the Opticians Association paying choral singing bodies to keep it up. Why? Tune in on Sunday morning to the televised church choral wailing from across the land. TVNZ vary it from one church to another, week to week, so you will soon spot the common denominator.

That is choral singing in churches buggers your eye-sight for without exception, male and female wailers all wear spectacles.


When I was a wee boy I was told that masturbation lead to poor eye sight and having to wear glasses. Who knew it was choir singing.

So Lord Baden-Powell was wrong?

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