I suppose God’s entitled to the occasional day off which surely is the only explanation for the fire destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Then again considering God’s perfection, perhaps not and he once again moving in mysterious ways, wanted it destroyed.

The disrespectful church authorities are thus playing with fire (pun intended) in flaunting God’s will and saying they will rebuild it.


And how distressing, you may have added, to note that a Cardinal (no less) at St Patrick’s in New York city prayed to God to save Notre Dame, without a response.
And I thought it was just a matter of patience with my weekly hour on my knees at St Mary of the Angels awaiting the lotto numbers. No more.

I am waiting for the usual cries of “this happened because”

This is just another of the many Christian Churches that have been destroyed or vandalized recently across France. And many rejoiced at the scene of the recent fire. They appear from the religion of peace. But what does one expect? I’m afraid the West has been let down with extremely poor journalism.

Churches, like most human institutions, are like slices of old lasagne. The top usually looks pretty good. There are many layers which are delightfully tasty, but there are some layers which are a bit off, and generally the ones nearer the dank and soggy bottom, away from the public view, are the darkest and most dangerous.

Indeed, the loss of a (another) church building may be His will, perhaps as a way to ask parishioners to reaffirm their faith and reactivate their community to confront clear and present dangers.

Those subscribing to rebuilding seem to have agendas ranging from simply hopping on a band-wagon to political opportunism, without any sincere effort to reflect God’s will or, indeed, to seek guidance as to what His will for us might be.

I see over the weekend the terrible bombing in Sri Lanka and wondered whether their reaction would be similar to New Zealand and if their Leader would lead the prayers of the faithful in a nationally televised mass?
That way they would be in line for a Nobel Peace Award.

Flippancy is usually the default setting of the atheist. But that aside, I find the media’s complete lack of curiosity of how this fire started very strange. In holy week? In a country where over 800 churches have been vandalised in the past year? I think we know why. Trouble is, pandering to an aggressive enemy just means you get killed last.

God doesn’t give a stuff about buildings. What he cares about is people.

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