Appro’ the below item a letter just in from Alan Duff bewildered after seeing an item on Facebook this morning showing my photo and quoting me, “Get in now before banks blank this”. Alan’s bewilderment stemmed from disbelief, he knowing me too well to believe I would promote such rubbish.

Let me make one thing very clear.

Buying Bitcoin is for idiots. It works on the classic speculation bigger fool principle and such speculation always end in tears. I am not and have never been a speculator for the very good reason that it’s both stupid and unnecessary. To make money out of investing, always act rationally, be patient and study your field. In a cell-phone brain-dead obsessed age it’s never been easier vis a vis competition.

Buying Bitcoin is by definition not investing and is simply a magnet for mugs.


“Never invest in something that has no intrinsic value” is always good advice. Bitcoin is today’s version of phone cards in the early 90s.

Enjoying your comments Bob, in particular about the mass offence taking these days. You are right, it did stem from the USA. when I lived there from 1991 to 1995, I found out early on that nobody could take the piss or have a laugh at themselves. I persuaded a former girlfriend from California to watch a ‘Blackadder’ episode once which I’m sure you would have enjoyed; Blackadder’s witty insults towards Balddrick were perceived as disgusting as far as she was concerned.

I hope you are well.

Best regards,

Danny Parun

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