Yesterday in Britain a 22 year old girl went nutty on a passenger jet. Actually, I’ll rephrase that given they’re all nutty to various degrees. Not their fault of course, but in this case, definitely more nutty than usual. Apparently she started screaming that she was going to open the door and kill everyone on board. Anyway, she was duly jumped on and held down on the floor where she lay quietly, not that she had much choice with people sitting on her. The pilot radioed he was returning to unload her, which he duly did and she was handed over to the Police, run before a magistrate and released on bail.

Here’s where it gets interesting. On the RAF learning of this, to use their infantile jargon, two fighter jets “scrambled” and “escorted” the plane back to the airport. Now what I’d like to know is exactly what they had in mind and why they thought this helped in some way.

The incident epitomised the armed forces stupidity and persistent posturing. Their continuing existence reflects mankind’s greatest failure in constant warfare.

That same day, aspiring Prime Minister and Boris rival, Jeremy Hunt, pledged a £15billion boost to Britain’s already ridiculously large armed forces, to quote him, “So Britain can play a leading role in deterring Russian aggression and show that the UK is still a top ranking military power”. How mind-blowingly childish is that?

How much more visionary had he said he would work with Russia, America, China and other key nations towards a mutually agreed progressive military expenditure reduction, just as was successfully done back in the 1970s with nuclear weapons.

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About 35 years ago an aspiring politician suggested that N.Z. cease all spending on defence. Who are we defending ourselves against?, he asked.
The amount we have wasted on defence in the past 35 years is distressing.

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