Read this and weep.

My company is proud of the reputation it’s built with office tenants, in total circa 400 in the Wellington CBD.

Apart from the obvious attentions such as a much higher standard of maintenance than normal, we provide a number of free services, all greatly appreciated. We specialise in professional tenancies, embassies and what might described as the more prestigious government agencies such as the Ombudsman, judges offices and the like. Needless to say we maintain a full house.

Included in our FREE services are by way of example, a squash court and also paintings for the suites. Note I said paintings plural. Many have 10 or more. To that end we have dealer galleries across the country and of course their artists, all flat out, supplying us, in total cost, circa $1 million.

Among the free services we supply is a splendid large central city private gym with both male and female personal trainers, solely for the use of our lessees and their staff. The gym is unusual insofar as instead of the usual guff on the wall of muscular system posters etc, we have a highly eclectic range of things.

A framed poster of Lenin, an oil painting by Ron Jorgeson, a series of old Wellington sepia street scenes and all sorts of other interesting stuff line the walls to enjoy between exercises. All of this is appreciated by the various users who frequently write to express their appreciation.

Well bugger me if my staff didn’t show me a letter from an Eileen Oliver-Free, an employee in one of the tenancies. Eileen it transpired is unhappy at a framed poster in the gym and demands its removal as she “finds this pretty inappropriate in this day and age”.

The poster is of Anna Kournikova’s bum, an indisputably fine piece of art greatly appreciated by the judges, legal profession, embassy staff et al and highly appropriate viewing since the beginning of time.

I’ve personally dealt with Eileen’s contemporary day and age sense of entitlement by banning her from the gym as we do have standards to uphold.





People never learn; mess with Bob Jones at your peril.


What’s are the chances Eileen works in Human Resources?

Priceless, simply priceless.

Now that is how complaints such as this should be dealt with. Gut bustingly funny Bob.

That’s the way. Turn the tables BACK

Thank you Sir Bob best laugh I have had for a while

Awesome! Just friggin Awesome! I love this story. Best thing I’ve read in ages. I respect Sir Bob more and more for being himself. Awesome.


Love the poster. Why is it a woman of 65 can appreciate the beauty of an athlete. Perhaps I wasn’t subjected to indoctrination. Very tasteful.

Thank you, Sir Bob! Her sense of entittlitise, far excedes her station in life!

I am offended by her taking offence.

Love it

Good one Sir Bob.

Great pragmatic solution and a win win for both sides. Banning her stops her seeing the poster and getting jealous and at the same time stops gym staff having to put up with her inane complaints. Brilliant.

Sir Bob
You are bloody brilliant.

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