I’m truly grateful to the hundreds of Christians who’ve written to me over the past decades in response to my mocking, advising that they’re praying for me. Bowing to this sustained pressure, God has constantly showered his blessings on me. These take many forms but one hugely significant one is possession of a private jet and thus not having to endure the abominable horrors of the world’s worst airline in customer treatment, namely Air New Zealand.

Its infantile safety messages and sustained in-flight audio assaults by dim pilots and half-witted waitresses, being individually ordered to straighten your seat 20 minutes before landing, the appalling overcrowded lounges, all of these things are terrible experiences not to be found anywhere and I speak from experience, gallivanting as I do all over the globe each year.

Now I’m told they’ve placed a notice in their Koru clubs saying they will no longer be supplying newspapers because of their “support of the environment.” What abominable hypocrisy! It’s singularly a cost-cutting measure.

If Air New Zealand was really concerned about the environment they’d stop flying jets, which we’re told are one of the worst polluters.

Doubtless private jets will become banned in due course but if so then I’d revert to prop planes to get about New Zealand. And if they’re banned along with cars, trains et al, then to horseback, anything rather than endure the Air New Zealand internal flights assaults on one’s senses.


Well said Sir Bob. As a retired CEO of a large South Island company who used to have to fly every week for close to 40 years I relate to your comments. Alas I cannot afford a private jet so I choose not to fly any more and suffer through the herding of peoples.

On behalf of the people in the North Island we say thank you for not flying!!

But seriously having endured now several incidences this week of near fatality being run over by Amsterdam cyclists (none wearing helmets), I have to say seriously bring back the loud premium petrol guzzling car. At least you can hear them coming to run into you. As for climate change, the locals are very happy here is it a warmer currently as apparently the city is an economic disaster for the 40 weeks a year it does not have sunshine!

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