We’ve had three years since the Brexit referendum of listening to bitter Remainders assert that Brexiters comprised mainly the unsophisticated Northern working classes who didn’t understand the implications of their vote. Thus the Remainders have asserted, with all the publicity about these allegedly dire implications they’d now feel differently, so let’s have another referendum.

First, the supposedly ignorant working class claim was always wrong. Numerous prominent manufacturers, academics and economists sided with Brexit, including in my view by far Britain’s wisest economist, Roger Bootle.

Additionally, polls now reveal that with all of the subsequent “enlightenment”, an overwhelming 87% of Brits are now enthusiastic Leavers. No wonder the public are keen on Boris despite his glaring short-comings, for he alone says we’re out on the 31st October, come what may.

If he delivers then life will go on, admittedly with some initial messy but ultimately fixable problems. But remember, the EU and Germany in particular, have a massive trade surplus with Britain and will be eager to fix these initial difficulties as they have the most to gain.

Ridiculous claims have been made if Britain leaves, such as not having a vote in European Union decisions once out. Yeah right! One vote out of 28 is meaningless aside from which Britain trades satisfactorily with over 150 non-EU nations including New Zealand and has no say in the common-sense and for that matter, largely common rules which mainly pertain to products health and safety issues.

Another Remainder threat is it will lead to the break-up of the Union with, according to the latest poll, Scotland voting for Independence. So what!

With its education culture and energy Scotland will thrive and I say that as an enthusiastic office-building investor and indeed home-owner there. Tell the Dutch, the Israelis, the Swiss, Singapore et al that they’re too small to succeed and listen to the laughter.

The nation-state is a modern concept which I believe will ultimately fade away, moreso as mass tourism brings home the reality that despite language and other variations, substantially we all have a great deal more in common than not.

The reason I like small states is they become like Local Government, intimate and in touch with everyone and with no scope for grandiose and egotistical above-the-fray politicians. Switzerland provides a first rate example.

Let’s assume Taranaki voted for independence. It would be a very prosperous nation. But why should the rest of us care? Nothing in real terms would change, whether with access, commerce or sport.

Nationalism is the ultimate reflection of a small mind, a fear of change and an inflexible outlook. That the next couple of years, initially politically, are going to be a circus in Britain has the redeeming value of great spectator entertainment so go Boris. You’re on the right path.

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Hi Sir Bob, do you have a reference for the stat that 87% of Brits are now enthusiastic leavers?

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