The worst Parliamentary Speaker in Britain’s history, the posturing, attention‑seeking, interfering John Bercow has been beautifully skewered by Boris suspending of Parliament.

“A constitutional outrage”, the blow‑hard spluttered, adding, “an offence against democracy.”

What arrogant nonsense. As he’s entitled to do, Boris has closed Parliament for a month, not eternity, while he proceeds with Brexit in late September without interference from the dwindling Remainder mob, the true anti‑democrats who seek to over-ride the people’s expressed will.

Boris’s next step must be to get rid Bercow, Britain’s most despised public figure, whose behaviour has done more to shift popular support for Brexit than any other individual.

Things will initially be a stew on many fronts but I’m excited by Brexit and will wager that within a year or so we’ll see the label “Booming Britain” bandied about.

And here’s another prediction. Other E.U. exit movements on the Continent will gather steam, encouraged by Britain’s example.

The E.U. is a wonderful idea which has been utterly corrupted by Brussels. Hopefully it will ultimately prevail in the form it was always intended, namely an economic union, not a political one, the sole cause of Brexit.



Spot on.

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Completely agree, and furthermore the opportunities for NZ trade are materially improved under a split EU!


Agree completely. The British parliament has gotten nowhere on this issue in three years because Brussels has tied them in a Gordian knot, it’ll take original thinking to cut through that knot and Boris has taken a huge step towards in enacting the result of the referendum.

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