“Economics student 21” with her whole life ahead of her ”dies suddenly …” so proclaimed Britain’s Daily Mail.

Her “whole” life? Plainly they’re suggesting her first 21 years were part of someone else’s existence.

Not to be outdone this morning’s Dominion Post Eleanor Wenman writes of a 90 year old bloke, who she tells us, has “lived every minute of his long life”. That’s not remarkable. Far more interesting if she’d write about a 90 year old who’s periodically been dead during their long life.

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Yeah, because it’s not like anyone with anything to report ever indulged in cliches like, say, “no punches pulled”? What, you mean you don’t throw literal punches? Rod Vaughan excepted? 😂

Nonetheless, love your work, Bob, cliches and all, and do please keep it up.

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