The New Zealand Herald, in the necessary interest of gaining advertising revenue, have begun a new classified section, specifically “New Age Professionals”.

They’ve opened the batting with their first “professional” advertiser, specifically a Mr Eric Baba Lee, an improbable creative mix of European, Indian and Chinese names, all three I’d offer long odds being a fiction. However, I’ll call him Eric.

Eric’s certainly immensely talented given the range of “services” he’s offering, ranging from “marriage guidance”, “success in business”, “black and white magic” (whatever that is), “bad eyes”, “enemy conspiracies” and much more.

But Eric’s quoted talent which particularly attracted me was his ability to read the future. This should have huge appeal to wealth seekers.

Imagine the riches awaiting you by consulting Eric on future horse race results, sharemarket prices and so on.

And think of the savings to the nation if Eric was engaged to tell us next year’s election results and save the trouble and expense of voting. The mind boggles at the potential.

So if you’re fed up with striving and want to get rich quick and retire to the Riviera, give Eric a call on 021‑02666‑3089.



I understand Bit Coin is very popular with her at the moment along with Treasury Bonds.


Nah, you’ve got this one all wrong, Bob. Given his CV, Eric sounds like little more than a stock-standard garden variety…economist. Maybe moonlighting from his 9 to 5 Treasury position. 🙂


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