A mate reports a crisis with his 9 years old daughter.

It transpired his wife was telephoned by the girl’s teacher to advise her of a terrible event, specifically she’d called another girl a banana. Panic stations all round.

Meanwhile the media reports a 45 year old cardiologist being suspended for a year by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, for numerous events of covertly filming women in toilets, plus the standard up-skirt yearning.

Well, at least he didn’t call any of his victims a banana. He’d have been history if he’d done that.



A “banana”. Such shocking language! For once I have to agree with you Mr Bob Jones, the world is going crazy.

You probably think that’s a rare event, (WRT the 9 year old, not the 45 year old) it’s not, in today’s school system teachers seem to be incapable of controlling their charges without calling in the parents. From personal experience even a new entrant in their first week of school not coming to class after lunch is a task too difficult for teachers to handle without active on-site parental support.

Is it “banana” in particular?
What she had called her a nut?

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