As never before Trump is now looking panicky. God only knows how he sleeps at night, presumably, I imagine, with the aid of sleeping pills.

For there’s no doubt he’s in increasingly big trouble. Another Ukraine revelation, and apparently there’s more to come, and the Republican senate will inevitably start breaking ranks making impeachment a real possibility.

But most of all, if I’m reading him right, the New York court decision to reveal his last 8 years tax returns is his principal concern. He’ll take it to the Supreme Court, but it’s an elementary issue and won’t eat up much time. He can probably count on at least 2 of the 5 judges to back him, being his appointees.

Hitherto he’s correctly argued it’s not a legal requirement but simply a convention. Plus, he’s trotted out the “under audit” nonsense which after 2 years is ridiculous.

The New York Appeals Court, in a unanimous decision, found against him for two rather cunning reasons advanced by the plaintiff, the Manhattan District Attorney. The D.A did not sue Trump but instead his accountants, thereby seemingly side-stepping the convention argument.

I’m certain that won’t wash with the Supreme Court as it’s a massively dishonest proposition.

More significant though, the demand to reveal Trump’s accounts is as part of a criminal investigation into Trump and his family. That certainly overcomes the Presidential convention argument.

But why does it matter to Trump? My pick is if his accounts are ever revealed they’ll expose his wealth claims as massively exaggerated; his debt levels possibly matching his assets.

As he’s shown throughout his life, and specially in his Presidential role, he pathetically measures the worth of absolutely everything, solely in monetary terms. A further concern, should the accounts ever see the light of day, is they actually do reveal criminal activities (bribes, pay-offs etc) which with Trump, would surprise nobody.

I suspect the denouement to his Presidency is now clearly visible. It will be messy and humiliating. I almost (just a tiny bit) feel sorry for him.

If as remains possible, he wins a second term, it’s an easy money bet it won’t go the full 4 years distance. His massive ego and commendable fighting spirit, probably won’t allow him to do the sensible thing, namely to pull stumps now and not seek a second term.  It would certainly be a smart move which he could proffer on health grounds, plausible too as in recent months, I suspect driven by worry, he’s banged on an awful lot of lard, dangerously so given his age. Do that and he’d have satisfied his ego-driven achievement of the Presidency and get the hounds off his back once and for all.



I don’t think he needs to worry that much. He submitted his tax returns on time, just like every other citizen, and if he’d done anything illegal the IRS would have been all over him by now. Funny how some think the president should not afforded the courtesy of his returns being kept private like every other American. Meanwhile, the impeachment thing is a beatup, pure and simple. We know the “whistleblower” is a CIA operative who almost looks to have been planted to purposely try and find dirt. We know he has coordinated with Schiff and his office and even been guided by them (which is why the GOP have called Schiff as the first witness they want to testify. Of course, it’s unlikely that Schiff will do it).
To add to that, the House (which has the sole discretion of impeachment) has not impeached Trump. They STILL haven’t held a formal vote on impeachment. It’s the House Democrats who are trying to impeach Trump, and their little resolution only lets them continue on with what they were doing. The president has no rights, nor do the Republicans. The right to issue their own subpoenas etc (only if Schiff gives the OK, and each is accompanied by a written request and a justification). The whole thing is bullshit.

The last Tax return we saw showed a large profit and lots of Tax paid so meh about any revelations coming from this lot.
I think Trump knows very well they’d want them and I’d wager they are clean. He’s crass, a loudmouth and prone to lying (don’t they all!) but he would known they would come after him.
The whole things a red herring anyway. An excuse for harassment.
Every Presidential Candidate has to complete prior to the Election the Presidential Candidate Disclosure. This details Assets, liabilities, who the liabilities are to and income from those assets.
They are publically available.
Here’s the link to 2016. Have a look.
He’ll have to do another next year.

Do you really think Trump would lie on these when if it was discovered he did, that it was a Felony Offense and he would be disqualified?

The Ukraine thing is a nothing Burger. Sondland, Volker and President Zelensky all confirm no Quid Pro Quo and no pressure.
Ukraine didn’t even know the Aid was being reviewed. The Aid wasn’t delayed and was paid out on time.
Reading the Transcript it’s clear he’s more interested in Crowdstrike than Biden anyway. And so he should be.
Also the inquiry into Biden started five months before Biden even announced his Candidacy.
Being a Democrat doesn’t excuse you from a corruption investigation.
Love your work btw

Sir Bob – Trump is heading for a landslide election victory next year similar to Reagan and Nixon in ’72/’84.

He will receive 57% of the popular vote and 520 odd electoral college votes (you heard it here first, folks) because people can see through the witch hunts, smears, and fake scandals. I also expect the Republicans end up on around 240 House of Reps seats, and gain 3 in the Senate.

What Trump’s enemies don’t seem to realize is most Americans view them as even more horrible people than HE is! Their goblin-like features (Schumer, Schiff), their hypocrisy (Pelosi, Clinton), their corruption (all of the above) only add to the “hold your nose and vote Trump” total on election day.

Ha! Bloddy well said..!

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