Someone (allegedly) called Vera Alves, almost certainly a pseudonym given the nonsense that followed, writing in the NZ Herald about abortion, unbelievably claimed “to be the voice of reason” and added, (brace yourself) “ Here’s what the issue is not; whether you think abortion is a good or bad thing.”

Really! Well what the hell is it about? Vera then tells us; specifically, “should it be in the Crimes Act and people go to jail for it.  Abortions occur every day. No-one goes to jail.” Where’s the bloody editor?

The abortion issue is absolutely not about jail. It’s a much bigger issue but I won’t waste space explaining to Vera who’s real name is odds-on Sharlene.


This is the reductionist arguement that posits abortion should only be a matter of (a woman’s) healthcare choice…as in, to have a mammogram say, or not. It’s gob-smackingly shallow and seeks to remove the issue from a moral or conscience perspective.

    Yeah but even if you think that abortion is only a matter of a woman’s control over her own body as Vera Alves insists, how that is administered – or not – is also a matter of “good and bad”. Both morally and/or practically. Hence the morally-inspired outrage or indignation if and when abortion is denied, restricted or in any way delayed or discouraged.

The Greens opposed abortions for cows in 2015 and yet approve of abortions in humans in 2019. Apparently calves are more important than a human life to The Greens, who aren’t really human anyway, so I guess the confusion with them makes sense.

What happens when the abortion is performed on the wrong mother/ baby (happened in the Netherlands)?
Should the abortionist be punished and why?

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