Just when all seems lost to see the electoral demise of the Trump atrocity, my hopes have been restored. I refer to the news from the all-important Iowa state that Pete Buttigieg has surged ahead in the polls.

Better still, the utter collapse in support for the previous Democrat frontrunners, Biden, Sanders and Warren, all totally unelectable.

Seven months back on April 15th I wrote the only blog I’ve done on the Democrat primaries and asserted Buttigieg was the stand-out candidate.

To be President requires intelligence, judgement and common sense, plus a basic decency, all characteristics Buttigieg has in bucket-loads.

I should insert an adjective in that sentence, namely, To be President “ideally” requires, for Trump possesses none of those traits.

Let’s hope this momentum builds.


Buttigieg is a small town mayor and is unlikely to emerge as the Democrat presidential candidate. He has experienced a small up-tick in the polls compared to all the other “bottom feeders” (who, like him, will soon drop out of the race as campaign funds dry up) but he is well behind Biden, Sanders and Warren. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/2020_democratic_presidential_nomination-6730.html

Got to give it to you Bob you certainly stay on track.
Would be very surprised if Buttigeog goes all the way. Looks a lightweight at best, have seen some stupid quotes at times from the guy.
But then again we will see.
Amazing how politics is now so polarist, reminds of the Muldoon era.

… although, an adjective would be ideal. Jiss-sayin’.

There are too many swing voters who will not vote for him due to anti-gay sentiment. He is sadly not a candidate who can beat Trump. Who else have they got? Biden is crumbling, Warren has too many missteps and too much hard left rhetoric, Sanders is decrepit and also too far left. Gabbard and Yang are at least more positive and pragmatic and can appeal to center. Failing that they need to parachute in a fresh face centrist with name recognition – Michelle Obama?

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